Bitter cold and pouring rain

Flooding in Saugatuck

I spent the afternoon visiting old people at the nursing home – took them little Christmas Cactuses – those are always nice this time of year. Stopped to see an old lady from the neighborhood who now lives in assisted living. A friend who is always in jail or homeless. Took a big bag of dog food to the rescue. Wish I could have taken a cactus to my Mom. She couldn’t see it (she was blind) but she liked her plants. She could touch them and tell you what they are and how to care for them. I miss her so much.

Ended my day with an open house in Saugatuck. Didn’t plan to stay long. Really didn’t plan to go; but Laura called me on Tuesday and how can you say no. Had a good time. Stayed longer than I should. (Story of my life).

The street was dry when I arrived. It was dry 15 minutes before taking this picture. Barb and I were standing there looking out the window talking about Larry and the rain.

The wind picked up and the water came in – all at once.

Only a few inches at first – it got worse after I left and they were putting on rubber gear and rescuing people’s cars from the water. I got a little excited. Ha ha. Had to go – right now. Get my car out of that! Not waiting for somebody with rubber boots. Walked through the neighbors yard which was still above water; only had to wade a few feet across the sidewalk. Got into my car from the passenger side and climbed over (haven’t done that in a few years). Got my feet wet but those new boots I got are great! Could feel the wet on the outside but not inside on my feet. Sat them over the heat vent when I got home. No water got into the car; the bottom of my car is solid metal.

Is the flood a sign of things to come? Or God telling me that the car doesn’t mean anything? Too attached to the objects in my life? A therapist will tell you that everything has meaning… back to that subconscious again.

Should I go out and pray to the rain? Thank the gods of thunder? Wind? What is it about the elements that follows me?