Parallel worlds

I just had this conversation (or similar) with my grandson a few days ago. He is a very intelligent, thoughtful, introspective man. I always enjoy our time together if it’s just a cruise and coffee. We had spent the morning at an attorney’s office (or somewhere like that) and had to leave and come back in a couple hours .. spent the time away in a totally different space – with rocks, books, mortars and pestles, incense and coffee – entertained by a soothsayer (who was a little over the top).

On our way back we talked about interacting worlds. Spirits. Fortune tellers and palm readers. Psychics. Ouija boards. Got to be careful of all of that. I don’t think that people truly understand what they are playing with.

Walking through THIS world there are so many parallels. When you walk into that lawyers office – you are walking into another world. School. Church. Even shopping. They are all different environments filled with different people and different vibes. If there are so many here why would we think that there are no others? Why do we think that we are the only ‘life’ in the universe? That Earth is the only place we might be? The myth of a flat Earth; if you go too far that way you will fall off the edge.

Just as there is light there is dark. So too with good and evil.

They say now (of course somewhere in CA) that it’s true – interacting worlds – previously unproven. They say there are “many Interacting worlds.. they interact with our world on the quantum level and are thus detectable”. Anything that can happen – does – and life is a matter of the choices we make. Manifestation. We are creators.