Go go go .. do it now

The title got me.   “Keeping current – A strategy”   
It’s a technical site.  I was thinking technically current.  I’m a DBA by trade;  have been doing it about 40 years.  I’ve spent my LIFE keeping up with technology.   I’ve climbed the corporate ladder and I’ve climbed back down.  It used to excite me.  Now it consumes me.
So I read the article thinking about work ..   It is a good article and a lesson that we all need to learn.   You have to educate yourself.   The days of others helping you to get there are gone.
But more importantly, this is the thing that I got:
You will never have enough time.
You can spend your life in pursuit of skills.   You can die a very smart person.  You may die a very rich person.  You’re never gonna learn it all, you’re never gonna have it all, never gonna do it all.  Ain’t happening.   
So go.  Go now.  Do it now.  Go go go.  Just do it.  Do what you came for.