Betty Lee Hardin

60+ something .. preparing to become .. a little blue ball of light floating around in the ionosphere .. leaving this ball of confusion never to return.

I am a healer. I was born this way. But only those that God puts in my path. Only those I feel. After 60 years of denying it, I am learning, I am understanding, finding my way. I wish there were an elder to lead me .. but I haven’t found that person yet.

I don’t know what this site is about .. my son gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. I start it and stop and don’t know what to write.

So I guess you might all think I am crazy .. but I’ve decided to write about things that come in the waking moment, drifting off to sleep, when I am tired, when I am gazing out the window, walking on the beach .. just things that come.